Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Reduction

Total amount of suspended solids found in liquid.

Solid materials in wastewater can consist of organic and/or inorganic materials and organisms. The solids must be significantly reduced by separation methods or they run the risk of causing disease or detrimental environmental effects.

  • Settleable Solids — Certain substances, such as sand, grit, and heavier organic and inorganic materials settle out from the rest of the wastewater stream during the preliminary stages of treatment.
  • Suspended Solids — Materials that resist settling may remain suspended in wastewater. Suspended solids in wastewater must be treated, or they will clog or penetrate the filter media and reduce the system effectiveness.

ALAR’s absolute microfiltration technology is capable of reducing TSS to levels less than 100 mg/l (ppm).

Recommended Equipment
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