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Wastewater pH Compliance

Worldwide commercial and industrial manufacturing operations require the best available wastewater technology methods to achieve pH discharge compliance. Environmental agencies monitor and limit the levels of industrial wastewater contaminants a facility is allowed to discharge into sewers and waterways. To comply with pH discharge limits, commercial production and manufacturing industries are required to implement a wastewater pretreatment or disposal program.

Most industrial users install a pH neutralization system at their plant. ALAR Water Treatment provides these industries with cost effective wastewater equipment solutions to help achieve pH discharge compliance.

Worldwide expansion of commercial production and manufacturing increases the levels of industrial liquid waste byproducts. Industries that discharge wastewater into municipal sanitary sewers or waterways are facing strict regulations on pH levels.

The acidity or alkalinity of wastewater affects both industrial wastewater treatment and the environment. Low pH is acidic, high pH is alkaline, and a pH of 7 is neutral. The universal standard pH for wastewater discharge compliance ranges between 6 and 9; although some POTW’s allow higher or lower pH ranges.

ALAR Water Treatment is a direct-manufacturer of chemical pretreatment systems, along with mechanical liquid-solid separation and sludge dewatering equipment. ALAR’s industrial wastewater technology can integrate into an operation as a complete system or retrofit to existing machinery. These custom-built systems specialize in meeting environmental discharge and disposal compliance regulations for: TSS, FOG, Metals and BOD reduction; along with pH adjustment or neutralization.

ALAR provides access to a variety of cost effective solutions for commercial production and manufacturing water pollution control problems. Let ALAR help determine the best industrial wastewater process by guiding you through the steps to achieving your company’s water compliance initiatives.

pH neutralization

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ALAR manufactures industrial wastewater treatment equipment for worldwide distribution. 

Industrial wastewater is a moving target; no two waste streams are alike.  ALAR understands the difference and uses its chemical, engineering and technological expertise to deliver results that work.

Responsible industrial wastewater management makes the difference between regulatory compliance and non-compliance.  ALAR offers a variety of mechanical and chemical pretreatment systems designed for pH adjustment that allow customers to make an educated decision.

ALAR custom designs and builds industrial chemical pretreatment and pH neutralization systems for batch treatment or continuous flow process wastewater applications

The ALAR Chemical Pretreatment and pH Neutralization Equipment is designed to meet effluent discharge compliance via batch treatment and dewatering or simple pH neutralization and disposal. Sometimes, pH adjusting wastewater, without filtration, through a neutralization system meets city sewer discharge requirements.

However, many industrial wastewaters containing emulsified solids, oils, soaps, surfactants, or dissolved metals require pH adjustment in order to precipitate [drop] out of solution prior to filtration or dewatering.

The majority of ALAR wastewater treatment systems are pH driven; oftentimes requiring acid to lower the pH and break the emulsification, followed by caustic to raise the pH and precipitate the contaminants. In most cases, this simple pH adjustment is all the solids, oils and metals require to be captured by a 1-micron precoat filter such as the Auto-Vac®, Flex-O-Star® or Micro-Klean™.


ALAR designs each system to meet the customer's build-to specifications. ALAR begins with stock layouts, and customizes the auxiliary equipment according to the customer's specifications.

These stock layouts are available in PDF format.  Contact ALAR for more information.


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