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Ferric Sulfate

ALAR is a leading supplier of Ferric Sulfate Fe2(SO4)3, an iron based acidic compound used for industrial wastewater pretreatment. ALAR recommends Ferric Sulfate for pH adjustment, coagulation and dissolved heavy metal precipitation. Ferric Sulfate starts out as a dissolved solid, but falls out of solution and becomes a suspended solid at multiple pH levels for easy filtration.

The ALAR Chemical Department provides Ferric Sulfate in a specialty liquid blend (L-F201) and standard granular form (F201). L-F201 and F201 products dilute with water to reach desired concentrations prior to chemical treatment. Both products lower pH and/or flocculate contaminants in wastewater to aid in co-precipitation and removal of solids and metals.

Ferric Sulfate vs. Ferric Chloride

ALAR customers choose Ferric Sulfate as an alternative to Ferric Chloride because chlorides corrode and wear down metals, metal piping and machinery.


ALAR L-F201 inorganic solution benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • No dust
  • Higher acid concentration
  • Rapid pH adjustment
  • Less labor involved in make-down process
  • No handling of product


ALAR F201 granular product benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivered as a 100% dry product, and made down with water on site
  • Dry product eliminates additional water weight shipping costs
  • Manageable bag size for easy transport and movement on site
ALAR L-F201 Liquid
ALAR F201 Granular

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      ALAR provides quick access to granular Ferric Sulfate supply and delivery by stocking its countrywide warehouses. ALAR F201 shipments range from one full pallet to truckload quantities. L-F201 ships in 55-gallon drums or totes.

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