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ALAR can perform a bench test simulation of the Auto-Vac® technology in the Mokena, IL lab. A five-gallon representative sample is required to determine the best chemical treatment and dewatering filter technology. 

ALAR does not perform in-house analytical testing, but can send samples out to a local lab of your choice (there is a fee for analytical testing). 

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Recovered Disposed
Recovered Disposed

The ALAR bench test provides (free of charge):

  • Percent Raw Solid Content by Weight
  • pH
  • Chemicals Used / Dosage Amounts
  • Consumable Cost Study Estimate
  • Filtration Rate and Visual Quality
  • Percent Dry Solid Content by Weight
  • Filtration Test Report

ALAR will not accept samples that contain:

  • Solvents
  • Flammable Liquid
  • Explosive Material
  • Radioactive Material
  • Liquids Containing Heavy Amounts of Chlorides
  • 100% Salt Water
  • Wastewater that will create hazardous emission vapor through vaccum exhaust
  • NOTE: All samples must have prepaid freight
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Ship Sample to:

  • ALAR Engineering Corp.
  • 9651 W. 196th St.
  • Mokena, Illinois 60448
  • "Water Sample for Testing"

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