Wastewater Sample Analysis & Testing

For a no cost or obligation wastewater filtration test, ALAR will show you how our technology can help your specific problem. Ship us a 5-gallon water sample for testing, and a lab technician will return a qualified Filtration Test Report along with the physical results of the filtrate and dry solids.

Based on the results, ALAR will recommend the best equipment and chemical treatment to suit your wastewater filtration needs.

To determine how the ALAR filter will perform with larger volumes or in the field, customers can test a pilot unit.

Two pilot test options are available:

  1. Bring in a drum of your process water for a full-size demonstration in ALAR’s test bay; at no charge.
  2. Rent a pilot unit and field test a slip stream of your process water; for a nominal weekly fee.

Latex paint wastewater before and after ALAR Auto-Vac RVDF

Example of Before (Raw) and After (Filtrate & Dry Solids) shipped back after bench test