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Clay Flocculant

ALAR provides multiple blends of bentonite clay flocculants for industrial wastewater treatment. ALAR One-Step™ brands contain a base ingredient of calcium bentonite clay mixed with various concentrations of polymers, flocculants, coagulants and pH adjustment chemicals.

The ALAR Chemical Department can help determine the most effective One-Step™ clay flocculent to meet effluent discharge compliance. ALAR’s clay-based chemical treatments specialize in separating oil & grease emulsions, surfactants, suspended solids, and dissolved metals. Other One-Step™ clay products also provide pH adjustment.

Calcium bentonite clay serves a variety of industrial wastewater applications. The Chemical Department recommends One-Step™ for batch treatment of volumes up to 10,000-gallons. ALAR can integrate clay based flocculent with sludge dewatering, solids settling and/or clarifier equipment.

One-Step™ Features

ALAR One-Step™ does not need dilution in order to make it down into a liquid form. This pretreatment chemical feeds into a wastewater batch system as a dry, granular material. After adding the product, the bentonite clay requires thorough mixing to absorb contaminant particles, encapsulate solids and create a large floc prior to filtration.

One-Step™ Order Shipments

ALAR warehouses its clay-based flocculants throughout the country for quick access and delivery. One-Step™ shipments range from one pallet up to truckload quantities. The product delivers in manageable bag sizes for easy transport, stocking and movement on site. This 100% dry material has a longer shelf life and eliminates wet-tonnage shipping costs compared to liquid polymers.

Chemical Details

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