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Diatomaceous Earth & Perlite Filter Aid

An industrial user’s standard pretreatment program starts with responsible wastewater management. Meeting effluent discharge regulations often requires some type of clarification or polishing filtration. Filter aid and filter media, in conjunction with clarification technologies, help remove micron-size contaminant fines from the process slurry and liquid waste.

ALAR Water Treatment manufactures liquid solid separation equipment that incorporates Rotary Vacuum Precoat Filters (RVPF), along with Plate-and-Frame Filter Presses. Both precoat filter systems are capable of removing solid particle sizes greater than one (1) micron.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Perlite are the most common filter aid materials used for precoat filters. Diatomaceous Earth is an inexpensive natural mineral with honeycomb structure that is ideal for filtering. It is an industrial mineral composed primarily of the skeletal remains of microscopic aquatic plants, called diatoms. Deposits of their skeletal structures accumulated over the millennia, and are now accessible to mining. Perlite filter media is the alternative to DE that is a man-made hydrated, naturally occurring volcanic rock with good clarifying power and large throughputs.

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There are different grades of Diatomaceous Earth and Perlite products which vary in particle size. The ability to capture fine solids increases as the filter aid particle size decreases; thus the filtrate clarity improves, but the throughput slows down. Whereas a coarse grade of filter aid will capture less solids, but produce rapid filtration rates.

It is important to use a grade of filter aid that will give the lowest cost per volume while maintaining an acceptable clarity level and maximum throughput. The experienced chemical and technical staff at ALAR can help match the best filer aid to the application.

Since 1970, ALAR’s continued growth as a wastewater equipment manufacturer has opened markets for chemical distribution worldwide. ALAR warehouses and supplies Diatomaceous Earth and Perlite in bulk super-sacks or 50 pound bags; available in pallet, half or full truckload quantities.

ALAR Chemical Sales Inc. is one of the largest distributors of commercial grade filter aid media in the United States. ALAR receives bulk discount pricing and passes this savings on to its customers. If the same product at a lower cost is found, then ALAR will work to get a competitive price. Contact ALAR for a quote.


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