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Pilot Test Wastewater Equipment

Try-Before-You-Buy Rental Option: ALAR rents pilot units for field testing the technology on a small batch volume or side-stream. These machines are available for short-term trial periods to prove that the equipment meets effluent discharge compliance and solids disposal regulations. Pilot testing also provides field data that confirms the filter size, flow rate, chemical consumption, components and materials of construction.

The Auto-Vac® rotary vacuum drum precoat filter and Micro-Klean™ plate-n-frame filter press are the standard pilot test units available for rent. These dewatering machines are base models intended to filter 200 to 500 gallon batches per 8-hour shift.

On occasion, an automatic chemical batch pre-treatment skid system is available for rent. However, most customers provide their own in-house chemical treatment during the pilot test.

Get hands-on experience, see the results, and make the right equipment choice. Contact ALAR to learn more about the benefits of renting a pilot unit.

Product Details

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The ALAR Auto-Vac® Model AV220 and Micro-Klean™ Model MK630-192P are the standard pilot test models available for rent.

The average capacity of the AV220 and MK630-192P units ranges from 200 to 500 gallons within an eight hour shift. They are intended to handle side streams, and not full flow wastewater volumes.

These stock units feature basic controls that allow the buyer to custom design a permanent system.

The customer is responsible for providing auxiliary wastewater tanks, mixers, pumps, chemical treatment (if necessary), and utility connections. The compact footprint allows for quick operator installation and technical startup training.

The standard Auto-Vac® rental is the Model AV220

  • Drum Size: 2' Diameter x 2' Length
  • Square Feet of Filtering Area: 12.5 Ft2
  • Average Volume Capacity: 200 to 500 gallons per Shift
  • Features: Semiautomatic NEMA 12 ON/OFF Switch and Manual Valve Control
  • Materials of Construction: #304 Stainless Steel Contact Wetted Parts with Carbon Steel Construction; Skid-Mounted, Pre-Piped and Pre-Wired
  • Footprint: See CAD Drawings tab

The standard Micro-Klean™ rental is the Model MK630-192P

  • Plates: Seven (7) Gasketed 630mm Polypropylene Plates (Expandable to 13)
  • Cubic Feet of Filtering Area: 1.92 Ft3 (Expandable to 3.84)
  • Average Volume Capacity: 200 to 500 gallons per Shift
  • Features: Automatic OPEN/CLOSE Hydraulic Ram and Solids Collection Roll-Off Bin
  • Materials of Construction: Pre-piped Solid Welded Carbon Steel
  • Footprint: See CAD Drawings tab

ALAR designs each system to meet the customer's build-to specifications. ALAR begins with stock layouts, and customizes the auxiliary equipment according to the customer's specifications.

These stock layouts are available in PDF format.  Contact ALAR for more information.


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