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Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.)

As the country’s leading supplier of Diatomaceous Earth, ALAR offers multiple D.E. options to meet customer needs.

ALAR specializes in filtration grade Diatomaceous Earth, with the most popular grades being able to capture particle sizes of one (1) um or less. This grade spec allows one-micron clean effluent to pass through the filter aid, while trapping larger suspended solids on the media surface.

Finer grades with smaller micron capture specs will increase filtrate quality, but decrease thru-put (flow rates). Coarser grades with larger micron capture specs will increase thru-put, but decrease filtrate quality.

ALAR’s Chemical Department will help you determine which grade of Diatomaceous Earth generates the optimum results. When choosing the best D.E., ALAR will factor in your goals for filtrate clarity, flow rates, and industrial discharge limits of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Oil & Grease (FOG) and Heavy Metal pollutants.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth is an inexpensive natural mineral with honeycomb structure that is ideal for filtering. D.E. is an industrial mineral composed primarily of the skeletal remains of microscopic aquatic plants, called diatoms. Diatomaceous Earth serves a wide range of applications, but ALAR only supplies D.E. for industrial filtration purposes. ALAR does not sell filter aid media used for product fillers, animal feed, swimming pools or gardens.

ALAR’s filter aid is primarily used as a precoat material for rotary vacuum drum filters, such as the Auto-Vac®, along with plate-and-frame filter presses like the Micro-Klean™.

Order Shipments

ALAR’s competitive Diatomaceous Earth prices come from our buying bulk direct from the mills. ALAR provides quick access to D.E. supply and delivery by stocking its countrywide warehouses. Filter aid shipments from ALAR range from one full pallet to truckload quantities; available in super sacks or 50 Lb. paper bags.

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