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Industrial Wastewater Discharge Compliance

Public health and safety concerns over industrial water pollution has sparked major environmental compliance initiatives. Most countries adopted compliance standards for industries discharging wastewater into municipal sewage treatment plants.

Most governments develop effluent guidelines based upon industry practices, the characteristics of water pollutants and the technology used for discharge prevention or treatment.

National regulatory agencies categorize industries that discharge non-domestic water pollutants into municipal sewers under an industrial user code. The industrial user code lists a company’s specific wastewater pollutants. This list sets a staging point for determining the pretreatment method needed to comply with state and local effluent discharge limits.

ALAR Water Treatment manufactures wastewater treatment systems and sludge dewatering filters for industrial users worldwide. ALAR’s pretreatment and liquid solid separation equipment is designed for managing conventional pH, BOD, TSS and FOG pollutants; along with toxic heavy metal wastewater pollutants.

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