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Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Chemicals

Most industrial wastewater filters require a chemical pretreatment process. Without chemical pretreatment, soluble water impurities would remain “in solution” and pass through a filter or plug it up instantly.

The chemical pretreatment step separates oil emulsions, surfactants, suspended solids and dissolved metals from a liquid water phase. This chemical precipitation is achieved through pH adjustment and/ or polymer treatment. These treatment methods pull the impurities together so they become an insoluble particle that is heavier than the water; causing the impurity to “fall out of solution”.

Chemical Details

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ALAR warehouses a variety of chemical pretreatment products for industrial user applications such as sludge dewatering, pH neutralization and solids settling/clarification. ALAR also has access to filter aid media, defoamer or antifoam, and odor control chemical agents.

Dry & Liquid Polymers

Cationic and anionic polymers use a molecular chain to bridge small wastewater particles into a group of large solid particles; also known as coagulation or flocculation. Polymers increase flow rates, enhance effluent quality, conserve filter aid usage and provide cost savings.

Industrial wastewater is a moving target, no two waste streams react the same. ALAR understands these differences, and uses its chemical, engineering and technical resources to deliver a cost-effective treatment solution. ALAR offers a wide range of anionic and cationic blends used for both coagulation and flocculation of solids.


ALAR supplies a treatment product that consists of a bentonite clay that absorbs particles, and chemical separating agent that encapsulates solids. This unique formula removes emulsified oils, ink particles, phosphates and suspended solids from industrial wastewater. One-Step™ is not a filter aid media, but a pretreatment chemical that is added to wastewater prior to filtration.

pH Adjustment / pH Neutralization Chemicals

ALAR carries industrial pH control chemicals used for neutralization or the precipitation and removal of heavy metals, surfactants and emulsified wastewater solids.


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