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Liquid Disposal Hauling Cost

When an industrial user claims they do not have a wastewater problem because their liquid waste is hauled away, chances are a problem exists. A hauling cost problem.

Industrial water pollution control is becoming a top priority. Governments worldwide, fueled by growing public pressure, are tightening municipal discharge and landfill disposal regulations. Environmental agencies enforce these regulatory laws that restrict industrial discharge of untreated wastewater containing metals, oil and grease, suspended solids and other pollutants into local sanitary sewers, wastewater treatment plants, or on land.

Most governments make the companies responsible for meeting industrial water discharge guidelines. To comply with these waste disposal regulations, many industries face exorbitant liquid hauling costs, expensive off-site treatment, increased municipal user fees or the burden of cleaning and dredging wastewater sludge lagoons. Penalties for non-compliance include steep fines, legal or civil action which could lead to complete plant shut down.

A sensible and cost-saving solution is to pretreat and dewater industrial sludge at the source. Since 1970, ALAR Water Treatment has helped thousands of manufacturing, production and fabrication companies achieve environmental effluent discharge compliance.

ALAR custom designs and builds chemical pretreatment systems, and liquid-solid separation equipment capable of generating clean [non-potable] water and landfill-ready dry solids. Stop hauling liquid waste and discover the cost-benefits of an ALAR wastewater treatment system.



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