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Wastewater Treatment for Manufacturing & Production

Worldwide commercial production and manufacturing increases the levels of hazardous wastewater. ALAR Water Treatment provides a full line of industrial wastewater pretreatment, chemical and mechanical dewatering filter solutions.

Worldwide expansion of commercial production and manufacturing increases the levels of industrial liquid waste byproducts.

Keeping waterways free from pollution remains a top environmental objective. Therefore, governments establish and enforce compliance regulations for industrial wastewater discharge. These guidelines intend to provide a clear understanding of what is expected in order for companies to implement an environmental stewardship program.

Some companies choose industrial liquid waste hauling as a means of disposal. Others opt for commissioning an industrial water pretreatment system.

ALAR Water Treatment is a direct-manufacturer of chemical pretreatment systems, along with mechanical liquid-solid separation and sludge dewatering equipment. ALAR’s industrial wastewater technology can integrate into an operation as a complete system or retrofit to existing machinery. These custom-built systems specialize in meeting environmental discharge and disposal compliance regulations for: TSS, FOG, Metals and BOD reduction; along with pH adjustment or neutralization.

ALAR provides access to a variety of cost effective solutions for commercial production and manufacturing water pollution control problems. Let ALAR help determine the best industrial wastewater process by guiding you through the steps to achieving your company’s water compliance initiatives.

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ALAR manufactures industrial wastewater treatment equipment for worldwide distribution. 

Industrial wastewater is a moving target; no two waste streams are alike.  ALAR understands the difference and uses its chemical, engineering and technological expertise to deliver results that work.

Responsible industrial wastewater management makes the difference between regulatory compliance and non-compliance.  ALAR offers a variety of mechanical and chemical pretreatment systems that allow customers to make an educated decision.

ALAR’s Auto-Vac®, Flex-O-Star®, Micro-Klean™, Dissolved Air Floatation and Clarifier systems effectively remove solid particles from the liquid, producing clean/dischargeable [non-potable] water along with dewatered dry solids. ALAR also designs and builds industrial chemical pretreatment and pH neutralization systems for batch treatment or continuous flow process wastewater applications.

The ALAR Auto-Vac® is a rotary vacuum drum precoat filter that effectively removes solid particles from the sludge, producing dewatered dry waste. Typically, this waste is disposed of at a local landfill without further drying.  The Auto-Vac® is self-cleaning with every revolution, which prevents blinding or clogging, and provides rapid filtration and extremely high filtrate clarity.

The ALAR Auto-Vac® filtering system, available in 16 filter sizes, is skid mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation.  It is offered in both semi-automatic and automatic modes of operation. This design works with virtually any industrial waste.

The ALAR Flex-O-Star® is an automatic batch or continuous flow chemical pretreatment system, combined with the Auto-Vac® RVDPF technology.

This system provides comprehensive wastewater treatment for water-based effluents,     slurries, and problem wash waters. The design is universal and works with virtually any industrial liquid waste. ALAR’s Flex-O-Star® is engineered to incorporate a two-step filtration process: Chemical & Mechanical.

The first step, chemical treatment, breaks the solids and liquids apart by automatically adding pretreatment chemicals such as pH adjusters, polymers (coagulants and flocculants) or clay.

The second step, mechanical filtration, physically removes the precipitated solid particles from the sludge.

The Flex-O-Star® is a skid-mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired system; available in 12 sizes.

The ALAR Micro-Klean™ is a robust pre-piped, solid steel plate-n-frame dewatering filter press; equipped with an automatic hydraulic ram and solids collection bin. The Micro-Klean® will filter the sludge until the solids fill each plate. Over time, the buildup of solids will block any more water from passing through the filter. When the filter press is full, the operator will blow out residual moisture, open the press plates and scrape them down. The solids will fall into a collection bin and the filtrate is discharged into the sewer or returned to the chemical pretreatment cycle.

The Micro-Klean™ is available in 2 to 20 ft3 size options, automatic open/close ram, roll-off solids hopper, chemical batch treatment skid option, PLC or manual control.

The ALAR DAF / Dissolved Air Flotation System is a wastewater clarification system that incorporates dissolved air to aid in the flotation of fine solids, fats, oils and grease.  The concentrated float is skimmed off the surface with a sweeping wiper blade and discharged into a sludge trough. The sludge is disposed of or pumped to a dewatering filter.

The ALAR Clar-O-Floc Clarifier™ Plate Clarifier is a gravity settling and decant system.

The Clarifier produces a clear effluent through the separation of liquid from settling solids. Concentrated heavy solids “sink” to the bottom of the clarifier and are pumped to a sludge settling tank and dewatering filter.

The ALAR Chemical Pretreatment and pH Neutralization Equipment is designed to meet effluent discharge compliance via batch treatment and dewatering or simple pH neutralization and disposal. Sometimes, pH adjusting wastewater, without filtration, through a neutralization system meets city sewer discharge requirements.

However, many industrial wastewaters containing emulsified solids, oils, soaps, surfactants, or dissolved metals require pH adjustment in order to precipitate [drop] out of solution prior to filtration or dewatering.

The majority of ALAR wastewater treatment systems are pH driven; oftentimes requiring acid to lower the pH and break the emulsification, followed by caustic to raise the pH and precipitate the contaminants. In most cases, this simple pH adjustment is all the solids, oils and metals require to be captured by a 1-micron precoat filter such as the Auto-Vac®, Flex-O-Star® or Micro-Klean™.

ALAR Industrial Wastewater and Liquid-Solid Separation Equipment Solutions:

Commercial and industrial manufacturing operations require the best available wastewater technology to achieve discharge compliance. ALAR provides solutions to worldwide industrial wastewater applications such as:

Alum Sludge Dewatering

Brick Manufacturing Wastewater and Water Recycling

Ceramic Wastewater

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Bio-Reactor, Digester and DAF Sludge Dewatering

Architectural and Fabricated Stone Water Recycling Operations

Iron Oxide Pigment Color Wastewater

Textile Wastewater

Container / Tote / Barrel Wash-Out Operations

Vibratory / Deburring / Tumbler Wastewater Operations

Agricultural Wastewater and Liquid Fertilizer Recovery Operations

...Along with discharges from dozens of other worldwide industrial operations

ALAR designs each system to meet the customer's build-to specifications. ALAR begins with stock layouts, and customizes the auxiliary equipment according to the customer's specifications.

These stock layouts are available in PDF format.  Contact ALAR for more information.


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