Sierra Septic's Use of Auto-Vac Rotary Drum Precoat Filter Helps Turn a Profit

Dean Trevaskis pumps and hauls commercial grease trap, residential septic, portable toilet and wine lees near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California.

In 1999, with several disposal sites closing or raising their discharge fees, Dean opened a private processing plant to dewater over 3.5 million gallons of sludge a year. The plant turns a profit, and Trevaskis sees a lot of potential for growth and may one day move away from pumping and concentrate solely on the processing business.

Trevaskis was excited to share what he’s learned by hosting an open house this past October [2011] in conjunction with a wastewater symposium held by COWA and NAWT. Sierra Septic showcased their 12-year-old ALAR system consisting of a Rotary Auger Strainer, Super Sack Unloading System and Auto-Vac® AV690 Rotary Vacuum Drum Precoat Filter.

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