Clar-O-Floc™ Clarifier

Rectangular settling tank clarifier with weir baffles

The ALAR Clar-O-Floc™ Clarifiers are excellent for commercial production and manufacturing operations that generate high volumes of industrial wastewater contaminated with suspended solids and metals.

These systems are often used in conjunction with chemical pretreatment methods such as pH precipitation, coagulant and flocculent polymers. The chemical separation increases solid particles for enhanced settling and effluent [water] quality.

The Clar-O-Floc™ uses mechanical liquid / solid separation to remove a continous flow of incoming sediments. The solid particulates or suspended solids are removed from the liquid for clarification or thickening. The clarified water is often discharged, and the concentrated sludge is hauled away or dewatered.

Contact ALAR for more information on designing a complete chemical treatment, clarifier and dewatering filter for your industrial wastewater.

Clar-O-Floc™ Clarifier Features

The ALAR Clar-O-Floc™, often teamed up with an ALAR Chemical Pretreatment System, removes settlable solids, produces a clarified effluent and concentrates solids into a thickened sludge. The solids concentration that is removed from the wastewater reduces the volume and ultimately tons of water weight for liquid disposal. ALAR recommends sludge settling clarifiers for high liquid volumes and low percent solids. Concentrating the solids could help decrease capital and operating costs for dewatering equipment such as an Auto-Vac® Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter or Micro-Klean™ Plate-and-Frame Filter Press.