Chemical Wastewater Treatment & Filtration

Most wastewater filtration applications require chemical pre-treatment. ALAR brings the analytical aspects of wastewater to a mechanical level. Chemical separation systems or simple pH adjustment is often times all that is needed to treat and dispose of wastewater.

Full-Scale Chemical Wastewater Treatment System

ALAR’s production team can pipe and wire a full-scale chemical treatment system (e.g.; tanks, probes, pumps, mixers, controls, etc) and mount them all on a structural steel skid.ALAR engineers both the filter and the chemical treatment process to provide a complete solution.

A manufacturing wash-up cycle generates water impurities such as:

Purpose of Chemical Wastewater Pre-Treatment

Without chemical pre-treatment, these impurities often remain “in solution” and pass through a filter or plug it up instantly. Chemical treatment pulls the impurities together so they become a heavy solid that falls “out of solution”. This is accomplished through pH adjustment or polymers (also known as coagulants and flocculants).

ALAR's Two-Step Chemical Wastewater Process

The treated wastewater is pumped to a filter that captures the solids and allows clean water to pass. Thus resulting in a two-step process:

  1. Chemical Separation
  2. Mechanical Separation

Below is an example of a raw sample before and after chemical treatment: