Concrete Wastewater & Slurry Recycling

The Auto-Vac® is best for Activated Concrete from Ready Mix & Precast
16 Filter Sizes for Virtually any Volume of Water

The Clarifier & Micro-Klean™ are both excellent for Block, Brick or Cured Concrete Applications

The Slurry-Klean™ is great for Small Batch and Mobile Concrete Applications


ALAR has redefined water recycling equipment for the concrete industry.

The Auto-Vac® is a rotary vacuum drum filter that removes cement fines and color from concrete waste, yielding 1.0 specific gravity colorless water and exceptionally dry solids. It is the only self-cleaning filter (non-clogging) on the market. This is ALAR’s flagship model that works best for precast and ready mix producers dealing high return rates, color, and high strength concrete.

The Lamella Clarifier & Micro-Klean™ are both an easy-to-operate combination system that removes solids from water and produces a clean effluent.

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Alternative Concrete Slurry Recycling Systems

  • The Lamella Clarifier produces a clear effluent through the separation of liquid from settling solids. Concentrated heavy solids “sink” to the bottom of the clarifier and are pumped to a dewatering filter.
  • The Micro-Klean™ plate-n-frame dewatering filter press is primarily used in block and brick operations. It is excellent for cured concrete applications where the solids will not blind the filter cloths.
  • The Slurry-Klean™ is a compact plate-n-frame filter press with the ability to filter and purge automatically; providing continuous operation with minimal labor. The small design is intended for portable or low-volume operations

ALAR Equipment Meets Concrete Wastewater Regulations

ALAR’s filtration equipment is the mechanical alternative to homemade systems, engineered by ALAR, built by ALAR; in the United States.

The US EPA is enforcing a national storm water compliance program under the Clean Water Act. Concrete is one of three targeted industries with no indication of stopping. This initiative has recovered millions of dollars in penalties.

Regulations aside, many concrete operations face environmental challenges such as drought, sustainability, and residential expansion.

Conventional Do-It-Yourself settling ponds and weir systems are not always the best recycling methods. Color, specific gravity, dredging, and reclaiming issues are just some of the costly drawbacks.

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