Slurry Filtration & Water Recycling Equipment

Image of Slerry-Kean Slurry Filtration System

Model#: SK-101

The Slurry-Klean™ is an economical compact plate-n-frame filter press with the ability to filter and purge automatically; providing continuous operation with minimal labor. The small footprint and simple utility requirements make the Slurry-Klean™ a portable system capable of handling a variety of process waters.

How it Works:

Slurry Filtration begins at a low inlet pressure that slowly increases via a sensor signal. The gradual increase in pressure stabilizes the filtration rate, producing a consistent flow and a dry solid cake material.

The Slurry-Klean™ will filter slurry water until the suspended solids fill the cloth filters. The solids will build pressure as they eventually block the water from passing through.

A predetermined pressure limit signals the feed to turn off and the press to automatically open. The plates spread out equally and the captured cake material falls into a collection bin. A pneumatic plate shaker “taps” the plates in unison to release any clinging solids. The press closes automatically after the cake drop; and the filtration cycle repeats itself.

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The Slurry-Klean™ provides an innovative solution for small batch operations.

Traditional methods of dumping slurry onto the ground are not acceptable; dumping into storm drains is illegal. The Slurry-Klean™ replaces costly high-maintenance pit, drum and tote systems where the operator dumps, settles and hauls the sludge. A Slurry-Klean™ system is cheaper than hauling, uses less labor, generates cleaner water, and enhances sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The Slurry-Klean™ is made in the USA with easy-access universal parts and 40-years of ALAR Engineering experience.

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