Sample Shipping Instructions

Sample Shipping Instructions

    The following instructions are for shipping a 5-gallon representative sample:
  1. Contact the ALAR sales manager regarding the sample and shipping timeline
  2. Provide sales manager with any special handling instructions
  3. Complete the “Sample Data Sheet” and submit it to ALAR
  4. Shipment must be prepaid freight – no collect shipments will be accepted
  5. Do not ship / ALAR will not accept:
    • Solvents
    • Flammable Liquids
    • Explosive Material (liquid or atmospheric)
    • Radioactive Material
    • Pure Chlorides or Salt Water
    • Liquid that will create hazardous emissions or vapor through chemical treatment reactions or vacuum exhaust
  6. Sample to be contained in a 5-gallon, well-sealed bucket or container
  7. Sample to be an untreated and well-mixed composite of the daily wastewater
  8. Sample to be REPRESENTATIVE – Do not ship “worse-case-scenario”
  9. Include any SDS of materials that make up the wastewater characteristics
  10. If currently treating the wastewater, include treatment steps and list of chemicals
  11. Lab turnover / results is estimated at ten (10) business days after receipt
  12. ALAR does not perform analytical testing, contact the sales manager for details
  13. Unless otherwise specified, standard ground shipping is fine
  14. Include the sales manager’s name on the ship-to label
  15. Mark the sample container: “WATER SAMPLE FOR TESTING”


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Download sample data sheet