Used Wastewater Treatment Machine that has been refurbished

Used Refurbished Wastewater Treatment Systems & Equipment

Occasionally ALAR purchases used systems and completely refurbishes them. An ALAR remanufactured machine includes a 6-month warranty, manuals, drawings, and engineering phone support.

If you are looking at an ALAR filter on the open market, please note that used equipment, purchased outside of ALAR, is sold “As Is – No Warranty”. Engineering support does not follow the machine from owner to owner. The Engineering Department provides continuing, over-the-phone support for a flat fee of $2,750. Manuals, P&I and Electrical Drawings cost $350 plus S&H.

In addition to phone support, ALAR provides “on-site” services of a qualified ALAR Application Engineer that includes operator instruction and mechanical inspection. ALAR is not certified to install the equipment.

The charges for a field engineer are as follows:

  • Engineering start-up (travel time)$75.00 / hour
  • Engineering start-up (labor time)$125.00 / hour
  • Expenses: Air, Hotel, Meals, Car, etcAt Cost

ALAR provides used equipment evaluations at our Mokena, IL facility; for a cost of $2,500. The evaluation includes the unloading of the unit and the reconnection of all utilities (e.g., power, water, air). Diagnostics will be run on all components in ALAR’s test bay facility. Our Production and Engineering team will also test for leaks and PLC operating sequence. The machine will run for 3-5 days to ensure sound operation. ALAR will notify the customer, in advance, if the used equipment requires replacement parts for proper testing.

Upon completion, ALAR will submit a detailed report estimate outlining the team’s recommendations and replacement parts. Historically, reconditioning costs approximately 50 — 60% of a new machine (in addition to the purchase price). If the customer elects to have ALAR recondition the unit, we will deduct the $2,500 fee from the final price. If the customer elects not to have ALAR reconditioning, the $2,500 goes to services rendered.

New & Used Wastewater Equipment For Sale:

Auto-Vac Model 360 - Stainless Steel W/Receiver

  • Bag Breaker/Dust Collector
  • Filter Aid Economizer - Heat Exchanger
  • Drum Size: 3 feet x 6 feet in Diameter
  • Nominal Filtering Area: 56.5 sq. ft.

Auto-Vac Model 220 - Carbon Steel W/Receiver

  • Drum Size: 2 feet x 2 feet in Diameter
  • Nominal Filtering Area: 12.6 sq. ft.

Auto-Vac Model 330 - Stainless Steel W/Receiver

  • Drum Size: 3 feet x 3 feet in Diameter
  • Nominal Filtering Area: 28.3 sq. ft.

200 Gallon Polymer Addition System

200 Gallon Polymer Addition System (New)

2500 Gallon Automatic Chemical Treatment System

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