Plate and Frame Filter Press

Image of our Plate and Frame Filter Press

The Micro-Klean™ is a plate-n-frame filter press manufactured by ALAR. The filter is pre-piped, solid steel welded carbon steel construction with a fully automatic OPEN / CLOSE hydraulic ram. Each unit includes a manual reverse flush valve for tank and feed line, gasketed 630mm or 800mm polypropylene plates, and a carbon steel – forklift accessible – solids collection trough with roll-off handle / switch function.

The operation of the ALAR Micro-Klean™ is semiautomatic. The operator turns a knob to activate the closing function of the hydraulic ram, and opens a valve to start the filter feed pump. During the filtration cycle, the operator will need to occasionally adjust the pressure regulator for the filter feed pump. When the filtration cycle is complete, the operator will turn on the air purge valve. The solids are purged with air for approximately 20 to 60 minutes.

After the blow down, the operator will turn a knob to activate the retraction of the hydraulic ram. The plates will be separated by hand in order to release the dry cake solids into the bin. Residual solids on the plate cloths are scraped down with a spatula.

Ideal For:

Micro-Klean™ Size Chart

The Micro-Klean™ size is based upon the incoming volume, percent raw solid content by weight and the percent dryness by weight of the dewatered solids. The amount of cubic feet can be divided into the amount of times an operator will open the press.

The flow of water going through the press cannot be measured in gallons per minute as the filtered water initially gushes, then trickles out of the press (due to solids buildup in the plates).

Micro-Klean Model / Size Chart

Model NumberApprox. % of SolidsPress Cubic FeetExpandable ToNumber of PlatesExpandable ToRequest For Quote
MK630-192P 0.01 1.92 3.84 7 13 Quote
MK630-320P 0.02 3.2 5.12 11 17 Quote
MK630-512P 0.03 5.12 7.04 17 23 Quote
MK800-318P 0.01 3.18 6.36 7 13 Quote
MK800-636P 0.02 6.36 9.54 13 19 Quote
MK800-106P 0.03 10.6 13.78 21 27 Quote
MK800-1378P 0.02 13.78 16.96 27 33 Quote
MK800-2014P 0.03 20.14 23.32 39 45 Quote
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