Heavy Metal Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

ALAR’s technology reduces metal hydroxides to meet discharge regulations

Excessive levels of toxic heavy metals in wastewater can be hazardous to man, animals, and plants. By definition, a heavy metal has a specific gravity of about 5.0 or greater and is usually poisonous when present in your wastewater. The term heavy metal, however, is often broadly applied to include other potentially hazardous elements, even if they do not meet the strict chemical definition

Zinc, Copper, Chrome & Nickel Wastewater Removal

Concentrations of metal hydroxides such as zinc, copper, nickel and chrome found in rinse water can result in contamination of the environment. The EPA, state, county and city set the discharge perimeters; and companies generating heavy metal wastewater are responsible for complying with those disposal limits and regulations.

ALAR specializes in zinc, copper, nickel and chrome heavy metal wastewater removal through our wastewater treatment equipment. The ALAR system chemically adjusts pH levels to precipitate the dissolved metals into suspended solids, which are captured by a mechanical filter.

Heavy Metals Removal for Industrial Applications

ALAR recommends the Auto-Vac® or Flex-O-Star® that features rotary vacuum precoat filter technology for removal of heavy metals from wastewater. Otherwise, a combination of Lamella Clarifier and Micro-Klean™ filter press is standard. In all equipment scenarios, chemical treatment of the wastewater is necessary prior to filtration.

Wastewater discharge levels of “heavy metals” include: arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), lead (Pb), nickel (Ni) and selenium (Se) are regulated by the EPA and could be more stringent through State and Local government

Recommended Equipment
Case Studies

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