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What Is PFAS Destruction?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are a selection of synthetic chemicals defined by strong bonds between fluorine and carbon. PFAS destruction is a process where the PFAS are completely eliminated through varying treatment methods. Ecothor®-EOx uses a patended electro-oxidation method where specialized electrodes lead to direct and indirect oxidation of PFAS that will break the bonds into harmless levels of carbon dioxide and fluoride.

Is PFAS destruction safe?

Effective on-site PFAS desturction methods will remove PFAS contimants from water without creating the harmful byproducts often associated with other treatment methods. This means that resources can be diverted from incineration or storage of byproducts, and diverted elsewhere. Alar Industrial Integrated solutions provides a variety of optimization and treatment system design services to better optimize the effeciency of your entire plant.

Where is PFAS used?

PFAS materials have been widely used in the manufacturing of plastics, foams, lubricants and a variety of other materials. On top of this PFAS is often utilized to help make products non-stick and resistant to grease, water, and oil.

Is PFAS still used in manufacturing?

Although the the majority of PFAS materials have not been manufactured in the U.S. for over 20 years, large concentrations may still be present in the environment from historic use. It is for this reason that proper treatment and desturction methods are key for public health and safety. As a direct manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, ALAR Water Treatment provides companies with cost effective wastewater equipment solutions to help achieve complete PFAS destruction.

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