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A Novel Treatment System to Remove Phosphorous from Liquid Manure

Jan 31, 2019

Abstract: Lowering the phosphorus (P) content of animal manure is one approach of addressing concerns over surplus P accumulation in soils resulting from land application of animal manure. In this study, the author sought to develop a treatment system for liquid manures that conserves manure nitrogen while removing most of the manure.

As a result, a three-stage system was developed with iterative solid removal and acid salt with 1) removal of bulk and intermediate sized solids; (2) chemical treatment to convert dissolved manure; and (3) final removal of fine solids and chemically sorbed manure.

In the end, the ALAR AutoVac® was used in a two-step configuration and chosen for the final liquid-solid separation step.

Citation: Church, C. D., A. N. Hristov, R. B. Bryant, P. J. A. Kleinman, and S. K. Fishel. 2016. A novel treatment system to remove phosphorus from liquid manure. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 32: 103 – 112. DOI 10.13031/aea.32.10999


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