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Wastewater Equipment for Bakken Hydraulic Fracturing

Aug 02, 2016

In January 2011, North Dakota based Paragon Water Solutions contacted ALAR with a need to solve a closed loop drilling mud problem.

Paragon tested conventional methods such as Reserve Pits, Centrifuges, Hydrocyclones, Filter Presses, and Settling Tanks. In each scenario, they still hauled out dirty water, and trucked in clean water.

After exhausting every avenue, Paragon searched for a “magic bullet” to filter a combination of wastewaters, produce dry solids and recycle clean water without the cost and headaches. They found the ALAR Auto-Vac® filter.

The ALAR Auto-Vac® works with Surface Mud, Lateral Brine Water, Fresh Water, and Frac Tank Sludge. This technology does not blind or cause bottlenecks, and is forgiving of wastewater variances and thick oily sludge.

The clean water increased the drilling rate of penetration and reduced mud pump and downhole tool wear & maintenance. The dry solids decreased wet ton hauling and water truck congestion. Paragon also noticed that the Auto-Vac® eliminated reserve pits. Most of all, the dollar savings were substantial. Earlier methods cost up to $66 a barrel; Paragon now charges $10 per barrel.


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