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IFAS Wastewater Treatment Equipment

The ALAR clearFAS™ package plant with Cleartec® IFAS (Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) technology is a compact, biological wastewater treatment system built for removing BOD, TSS and ammonia from domestic or industrial wastewater.

The clearFAS™ design is the most energy efficient aeration system. The high-performance IFAS technology and high-efficiency flat plate, fine bubble diffusers are ideal for smaller operations with fluctuating flows and loads. This robust package plant system combines the best of both activated sludge and attached-growth organisms in a single process.

diagram of the clearblox system

Most IFAS or MBBR/FBBR systems rely on coarse bubble aeration for additional mixing or supplemental scouring. Whereas the clearFAS™ accomplishes its aeration, mixing and scour using patented fine bubble diffusers that are installed directly beneath the media. The vertical arrangement of the media ensures there are no dead-zones, which prevents excessive biomass thickness and nuisance organism proliferation.

The Cleartec® IFAS technology consists of high-surface area textile curtains or “curlz” that serve as a material substrate for attached-growth biomass. This additional biomass comes in a very compact footprint. Rigid support structures hold the media in place, ensuring no risk of media washout into your discharge streams.

The clearFAS™ comes equipped with an IFAS Tank, Bio Textile Media, Inclined Plate Clarifier (Settler), Blower, and RAS (Return Activated Sludge) Pump. This compact, low-energy, high capacity, package plant wastewater treatment system is easy to install and maintain.

Combining an ALAR Flex-O-Star®, Auto-Vac®, or pH System with a clearFAS™ is a perfect match for a majority of industrial wastewater treatment applications.

Prior to the clearFAS™ biological treatment, the Flex-O-Star®, Auto-Vac® or pH System would pretreat and filter the incoming wastewater in one-pass; significantly reducing TSS, FOG, metals and insoluble BOD. The clearFAS™ IFAS wastewater treatment system would process the soluble BOD, COD and ammonia; then pump the Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) to the Flex-O-Star® or Auto-Vac® for dewatering.

Depending upon the incoming volume and percent solids loading, the Flex-O-Star® and Auto-Vac® systems eliminate the need for a DAF, Heavy Polymer Doses, DAF Sludge Tank, DAF Sludge Dewatering Filter or Liquid Sludge Hauling. In some instances, the Flex-O-Star® and Auto-Vac® could reduce the BOD to “reasonable surcharge” levels without the need for a biological system.

The clearFAS™ IFAS provides municipalities and industries with a cost effective, sustainable, low maintenance, biological wastewater treatment solution.

Product Details

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Key Benefits

  • Municipal and industrial applications
  • Temporary or permanent schemes
  • Above ground installations
  • Meets regulatory requirements
  • Plug & play, rapid installation, easy start-up
  • Minimal maintenance required


  • Reduces surcharges
  • Extends commercial life of failing or overloaded works
  • Reduces land use costs
  • Robust design reduces whole life costs
  • Environmentally friendly


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