Septic & Grease

ALAR understands the need to make pumping profitable again. Most municipal disposal sites take in septic and grease-trap waste, but charge high prices, make drives wait and, often times, are in remote locations.

ALAR manufactures sludge dewatering systems for grease, septic, portable toilet and just about any other pumped sludge.

We offer a variety of mechanical and chemical systems that allow customers to make an educated decision.

Recommended Equipment

Septic & Grease Industries Served

  • Domestic Waste Hauler
  • Municipalities
  • Pumpers

Ideal Applications

Case Studies

Sierra Septic's Use of Auto-Vac Rotary Drum Precoat Filter Helps Turn a Profit

Learn how Auto-Vac was used by Sierra Nevada to turn a profit during a time of increased discharge fees Read More

ACE Acme Septic Services Use ALAR's Dewatering System to Cut Costs

The system helps considerably to keep down discharge fees and fuel costs. Ace Acme dewaters between 8,000 and 10,000 gallons per day. Read More

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