Sample Bench Testing

For a no cost, no obligation wastewater filtration test, ALAR will show you how our technology can help your specific problem. Ship a 5-gallon water sample for testing, and a lab technician will return a qualified Filtration Test Report along with the physical results of the filtrate and dry solids.

Chemical treatment begins by examining sample wastewater at ALAR’s in-house lab. ALAR encourages each customer to send in a representative sample of their wash down process water, so the Chemical Department can run a test (free of charge), and prescribe the proper chemistry.

Please read ALAR’s “Sample Shipping Instructions” and fill out our “Sample Data Sheet”, prior to sending your sample. Fax, e-mail or ship the Sample Data Sheet along with a 5-gallon representative sample of your wastewater.

After completing treatment and bench simulation tests, ALAR will ship back the physical results that include samples of: The original raw wastewater, filtrate, and a bag of dry solids.

ALAR chemists can prepare your filtrate sample for outside analysis, and ship it to a certified lab for a nominal cost (prices for analytical tests vary). ALAR continues to build a database of effluent analysis test reports, and can provide typical industry results (if available) upon request.

Sample Shipping Instructions:

The following instructions are for shipping a 5-gallon representative wastewater sample:

  • The sample should be an untreated and agitated collection of the day's process.
  • The sample should be representative, not a worst case or best-case scenario.
  • The sample should be contained in a 5-gallon, sealed bucket.
  • Mark the bucket “WATER SAMPLE FOR TESTING”.
  • Standard UPS ground shipping is fine. (No collect shipments please)
  • Ship the completed “Sample Data Sheet” with the bucket or fax/ email it prior to shipping.
  • Include any MSDS of materials that make up the wastewater characteristics.
  • If currently treating the wastewater, include treatment instructions & chemicals being used.
  • The "Ship To" name and address is located at the bottom of the "Sample Data Sheet".
  • Sample results will be sent back in approximately 10 business days after receipt.

ALAR will not accept the samples that contain the following

  • Solvents
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Explosive Materials (liquid or atmospheric)
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Liquids Containing Heavy Chlorides
  • 100% Salt Water
  • Wastewater that will create hazardous emission vapor through vacuum exhaust