Engineering Services

ALAR’s extensive Engineering Department contains an in-house staff complete with CAD layout and mechanical engineers to ensure success with your wastewater project.

ALAR engineers continue to enhance the technology and design of our standard filtration systems. These basic units fit the needs of the thousands of satisfied ALAR customers. Look at the standard features of our equipment, and you will understand why ALAR remains the leader in engineered wastewater solutions.

Upon installation of your ALAR equipment, a certified ALAR engineer can provide on-site instruction and machine start-up. Expert engineering support is a phone call away when purchasing your filtration equipment from ALAR.

The charges for a field engineer are as follows:

  • Engineering start-up (travel time)$75.00/hour
  • Engineering start-up (labor time)$125.00 / hour
  • Expenses: Air, Hotel, Meals, Car, etc.At Cost

You can access technical data, downloads, and designs by contacting the ALAR Sales and Engineering Departments or click onto the PDF files [below] to view our equipment footprints online.

The services provided by ALAR Engineering Corp. involve the applied manufacturing and maintenance of ALAR-built mechanical equipment. ALAR does not provide contractor/installer services or structural engineering design of buildings, trench drains, pits, flooring, or any type of remodeling.

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This drawing, including the ideas and principles of design herein, is the exclusive property of the ALAR Engineering Corporation and shall not be copied, reproduced, or used for any purpose other than that for which it is loaned, without the expressed written consent of the ALAR Engineering Corporation.