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ECOTHOR®-EOx PFAS Destruction Technology

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are a group of extremely toxic contaminants which have recently been in focus across the world due to their widespread adverse health effects across multiple areas of society. Beyond this, PFAS conaminants are extremely hard to completely destroy when compared to other impurities. This is due to the darbon-flourine bonds holding the compounds together. Now, worldwide commercial and industrial manufacturing operations require robust PFAS destruction technologies to not only maintain compliance, but public health.

As a direct manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems, ALAR Water Treatment provides companies with cost effective wastewater equipment solutions to help achieve complete PFAS destruction.

The ECOTHOR® -EOx onsite PFAS destruction equipment leverages more than a decade of experience in developing, designing, fabricating and delivering commercial ECOTHOR®  electrotechnology solutions for a wide range of applications and contaminants.

Complete PFAS Destruction

All the features from ECOTHOR® including industrial, robust design, optimal hydraulics from CFD modeling, ease of maintainability, automation, and remote operation on multiple platforms have been incorporated into ECOTHOR®-EOx for onsite PFAS Destruction.

An Integrated Solution for low concentration applications pairs ECOTHOR®-EOx with an upstream concentration step and down stream polishing meets proposed national drinking water limits.

Increasing PFAS concentration and reducing volume prior to destruction makes ECOTHOR®-EOx even more efficient and can reduce wastewater treatment costs by over 80% when compared to current approaches. Utilizing an integrated solution minimizes or even avoids PFAS transportation costs and liability concerns.

PFAS Destruction Process

ECOTHOR®-EOx, is a patented electro-oxidation (EO) process from E2Metrix.

An electrical current is passed through water being treated continuously by the ECOTHOR®-EOx reactors.

Specialized electrodes lead to direct and indirect oxidation of the PFAS, that will break the carbon flouride bonds into harmless levels of carbon dioxide and fluoride.

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