Optimizing Wastewater Handling & Saving Money

Learn how one paint company utilized the Auto-Vac to handle their 12,000 gallons of wastewater per day, reducing cross-state sludge handling and disposal.

Wastewater Treatment Equipment & Regulations

Utilizing the latest in technology and advanced research methods, ALAR provides industries of all types with state-of-the-art, time proven wastewater treatment equipment.

Wastewater Equipment for Bakken Hydraulic Fracturing

After exhausting every wastewater treatment avenue, Paragon Water solutions found the ALAR Auto-Vac was the best option for filtering wastewaters, producing dry solids, and recycling clean water.

Dewatering System Comparison (Centrifuge and Auto-Vac)

Of the many dewatering system choices, two machines are often mistaken as the same technology due to their physical similarities. These systems would be the centrifuge and the rotary vacuum drum filter.

Both systems have skid mounted cylindrical drum filters that are used to separate liquids and solids; and that’s about all they have in common.

Centrifuge vs the Auto-Vac® Features

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Water, Water Everywhere

Water is a simple commodity that can be manufactured through a wastewater treatment process to clean, treat, and reuse water in its rawest form.

How To Clean Up Your Wastewater

Since 1970, the ALAR has dewatered process and wastewater sludge generated from a wide variety of industries. Learn how to clean up wastewater.

June is National Dairy Month

ALAR equipment is one of the most economical methods is treating and filtering wastewater in-house dairy wastewater.

Top 5 Reasons for Wastewater Treatment

If you have an issue with your process water, ALAR can help you solve it with chemical treatments, cleaning water to be reused and enhancing efficiency.

ALAR's Water Pollution Control Systems

ALAR offers a variety of time-proven filtration and dewatering technology that will meet or exceed your expectations.

What is Wastewater?

ALAR has been solving industrial & environmental problems since 1970. Discover what wastewater treatment is and why it matters.