What is TSS in Wastewater?

TSS are solid materials, including organic and inorganic, that are suspended in the water. This would also include silt, plankton and industrial wastes.

Reduce Wet Sludge Hauling Costs

ALAR's systems work effectively in various chemical-manufacturing applications that require batch or continuous wastewater treatment.

Case Study: Solutions for Latex Paint Wastewater

ALAR helps companies to reduce costs by filtering and dewatering its raw water-based paint coatings rinse and industrial wastewater

How To Treat Industrial Wastewater

ALAR's removal of solid contaminants such as TSS, FOG, and Metals from industrial wastewater involves a two-step separation process: Chemical Separation & Mechanical Separation.

How To Filter Concrete Slurry

The ALAR Auto-Vac is the only self-cleaning (non-clogging) on the market that filters cement fines and pigment color out of concrete process (gray) water.

Wastewater Filtration Testing

For a no cost or obligation wastewater filtration test, Alar will show you how our technology can help your specific problem.

Automatic Filter Press

The Slurry-Klean™ provides an innovative solution for small batch operations and companies that cut, drill, or grind concrete.

What is Chemical Oxygen Demand - COD

In environmental chemistry, the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) test is commonly used to indirectly measure the amount of compounds in water.

Williston Basin Petroleum Conference 2013

Alar Water Recycling Systems will be exhibiting at the WBPC 2013 Conference.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth (DE), is an inexpensive natural mineral with honeycomb structure that is ideal for wastewater filtering.