Wastewater Treatment Equipment Providing Compliance & Cost Saving Solutions

ALAR Engineering Corporation designs and builds industrial wastewater treatment equipment that provides compliance and cost saving solutions.

5 Benefits of the Auto-Vac® Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter (RVDF)

Why settle with conventional wastewater equipment when the ALAR Auto-Vac® is a cost-effective solution to regulatory discharge and solids disposal compliance?

ALAR Rental Equipment

Wastewater Treatment Rental Equipment - Try Before You Buy

Treatment & Removal of Hexavalent Chrome & Other Heavy Metals

The importance of treatment systems in place of hauling away wastewater.

Treating & Filtering Food & Dairy Wastewater

Using an Alar Wastewater Treatment System improves wastewater management by reducing costs, city sewer discharge limits, generated dewatered/dry solids, and easy to install and operate.

Removing Phosphorus from Liquid Manure

White Paper written by the USDA and Penn State University discussing methods of phosphorus removal in manure.

Reducing Dairy Waste Water Hauling

ALAR's patented filtration works great with Dissolved Air Flotation(DAF) Systems and replaces conventional centrifuge, filter press, and belt press technologies

Waste Water in the Food Industry

Whether your waste stream is food or beverage in the food industry, ALAR has the right system to fit your application.

Filtration Equipment For Concrete Slurry Recycling

The ALAR Auto-Vac filter is the only self-cleaning filter on the market that will not blind or clog when introduced to active concrete water.

Waste Water Equipment - Solutions That Work

Since 1970, ALAR has been manufacturing industrial waste water treatment equipment for worldwide distribution.