Case Study: Solutions for Latex Paint Wastewater

The government, fueled by public pressure, is tightening regulations on sewer discharge and landfill disposal. To comply, industries face expensive hauling costs, off-site treatment, municipal fees, or the burden of pond and pit cleanup.

Latex paint manufacturer PPG Industries, sought a more efficient way to reduce costs by filtering and dewatering its raw water-based paint & coatings rinse and industrial wastewater. The PPG-Reno Plant produces latex paint under the very familiar brand names of Olympic and Pittsburg Paints.

PPG-Reno rented an Auto-Vac® Model AV220. The Auto-Vac® pilot test was successful; it routinely generated 48% dry solids (by weight), and produced quality effluent with TSS levels at 15ppm (mg/l). Impressed with the performance, PPG purchased an ALAR Auto-Vac® Model AV660 to filter 12,000 gallons of wastewater a day.

Aside from being environmentally proactive, PPG demonstrated astute business and innovation skills. The Reno facility eliminated cross-state sludge hauling and reduced disposal costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars; maintaining PPG's environmental and economic edge as leaders in coatings and specialty products.

ALAR paint and coatings wastewater treatment and filtration serves industries such as:

Latex Paint * Powder Coatings *Dispersions *Elastomers *Primers *Stucco *Spray Booth Adhesives

With thousands of installations worldwide, ALAR is acknowledged as one of the leaders in providing industrial, municipal and environmental solutions.