ALAR Redefining Ink Wastewater Treatment

ALAR is preparing to attend the SuperCorrExpo in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center in October. ALAR has been exhibiting at the SuperCorrExpo for many years. We feature a working model of the ALAR Auto-Vac® in our booth (#2947).

ALAR built its first production unit specifically for flexographic ink wastewater in 1970. The concept was to manufacture a complete system to remove metals, solids, and color; along with the ability to handle starch and adhesive waste - without clogging or blinding the filter.

ALAR's Wastewater Treatment Fleet consists of

  • Flex-O-Star® - Automatic system with Auto-Vac® filter, chemical batch delivery and treatment bank
  • Auto-Vac® - Rotary vacuum pre-coat drum filter that is self-cleaning and will not blind
  • Micro-Klean™ - Easy to operate plate-n-frame filter press