Water, Water Everywhere

I read about all the flooding and damage done by water.  Something we cannot live without yet when tragedy happens, we wish it would be gone.

Mother Nature does it again...randomly leaving a scar in her path.  Homes, businesses, schools, churches, hospitals left in ruin or worse completely destroyed.

We as compassionate people, reach out to each other to lend a helping hand.  Who knows when it will happen to our town...no one is safe from Mother Nature.

Water that I usually talk about is the wastewater type of water...water that is from a manufacturing process, water that cannot go down the sewer in its raw form, water that can be reused in the process if treated properly or put down the sewer safely.

Water...I know there is a percentage of the earth that is covered with it, just look at the globe, a lot of water out there.  Can you imagine looking at the world and not see all that blue??  I can't and don't even want to think about that possibility.

Water...a simple commodity we all expect will be here for years and years to come...as long as we are smart about its uses and be environmentally aware of what we do to it.  Reach out and help each other with the water issues around us.  We don't want Mother Nature to see what we are doing.  Never mess with Mom, she knows how to handle those who do not respect and appreciate what they have.