Auxiliary Wastewater Separation Equipment

auxiliary wastewater treatment skid

Image of a Rotary Auger Strainer

The basic ALAR filter is an impressive piece of machinery, but some projects require custom parts and materials. As a worldwide supplier of wastewater equipment, versatility in design is our specialty. ALAR custom manufactures a complete line of Auxiliary Equipment and Accessories to fit design specifications or enhance the system performance.

ALAR's In-House Engineering Retro-Designs & Fits Auxiliary Equipment To Your Needs

ALAR’s in-house Engineering Department consists of talented individuals with the ability to retro-design and fit auxiliary equipment to compliment an existing operation. ALAR can build batch or inline systems as well as supply “just the filter”.

ALAR provides Auxiliary Equipment such as (but not limited to) the following:

Super Sack Unloading System

The Super Sack Bulk Bag System safely assists the operator in handling 1,000-pound “super sacks” of diatomaceous earth, and dispenses it into the filter aid slurry tank using a hoist and screw conveyor.

Bag Breaker/Dust Collector With Loading Platform

Dispensing equipment that assists the operator in unloading 50-pound diatomaceous earth bags into filter aid tank.

Rotary Auger Strainer

Liquid/solids separation screen used prior to secondary treatment and filtration.

ALAR also supplies tanks, pumps, mixers, as well as a full line of Skid Mounted chemical and pH equipment.

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