Auto-Vac® Replaces Filter Press at Wausau Tile

One of the most common needs in Wausau’s manufacturing facility is wastewater filtration and water recycling. Filter presses are commonly used to filter out inert wastewater particles generated by the cutting, grinding, and polishing of cured concrete and tile. However, this conventional plate-n-frame method does not perform well when filtering active concrete mixer washout material.

Wausau Tile contacted ALAR Engineering, a company that designs and manufactures a variety of wastewater filtration equipment. ALAR builds filter presses, but, after hearing about the issues with active concrete, recommended the Auto-Vac® technology.

The operation managers at Wausau were diligent in their research that began with ALAR performing simulated Auto-Vac® bench tests. A few months later, Wausau rented a pilot unit, which ran a slipstream of wastewater alongside the existing filter press. Satisfied with the field test, Wausau ordered a full-size Auto-Vac®.

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