Wessuc Finds Success with Auto-Vac® Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter

Hank and Shane VanVeen expanded their wastewater treatment and pumping services into long-term municipal biosolids management.

When land-application of the sludge is unavailable, Wessuc turned to dewatering and composting practices. The VanVeens tried to dewater the liquid sludge using centrifuge and belt press technologies. The equipment could not handle variances of thick and thin loads, and it wore out and choked on grit, sand, hairballs, and plastic.

Wessuc found greater success with a trailer-mounted ALAR Auto-Vac® rotary vacuum drum filter. “It gives us a great competitive advantage. It uses less power, and we get very high effluent quality. The water we return to the digest contains roughly 16 to 20 mg/l of total suspended solids”, says Hank VanVeen.

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