Quad City Brick Incorporates Alar Recycling

Quad City Brick & Stone, Bettendorf, IA processes Indiana Limestone, Wisconsin Limestone, Rustic and Cocoa to produce face brick, cut stone and retaining walls.

To expand capabilities and increase production, a decision was made to purchase a jaguar saw.

The addition of the saw proposed new challenges. What technology is available to provide the required 10-gallon per minute water supply? Is it possible to remove solids from the process water without dredging a settling tank?

Quad City Brick purchased an Auto-Vac® Model 230 from ALAR Engineering Corporation. ALAR manufactures sixteen different Auto-Vac® sizes to accommodate volumes large or small.

A 3,500-gallon in-ground dirty tank was installed to accept dirty process water from the saw, as well as hand polishing tools and wash-up water. Process water is filtered down to 1/2 micron and discharged into the clean tank. Dry solids are discharged from the Auto-Vac® into a dumpster.

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