Trailer Mounted ALAR Auto-Vac for Oil Drilling Rig and Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater

Alar designs and builds customer industrial wastewater treatment equipment for various industries and applications, including oil field wastewater. Each machine is welded and assembled at ALAR’s manufacturing facility then hooked up in the test-bay and put through a rigorous quality diagnostics program by our in-house engineers.

The unit shown in the picture was custom-built for dewatering oil drilling rig and hydraulic fracturing wastewater.

The Auto-Vac® was mounted onto a customer-supplied 54 foot trailer. The ALAR production department piped and wired all the plumbing and electrical connections between the skids and auxiliary components.

This Auto-Vac® was built to handle severe weather. To prepare for freezing conditions, ALAR installed extensive winterized piping and drainage, quick disconnects, industrial heaters, and specialized light fixtures and supports.

The Auto-Vac® AV690 is one of the largest mobilized wastewater systems available. ALAR builds larger filters, but they need to be installed at a centralized location.

ALAR accepts industrial wastewater challenges of all sizes. Contact ALAR today and find out what filtration system is best for you.