King Quarry Solves Water Recycling Problem

King Quarry’s expansion from road construction to stone products for architectural design increased their production and created a need for new equipment. The city regulations for King Quarry’s industrial park prohibit the discharge of wastewater solids.

King Quarry’s operators noticed an ALAR Auto-Vac® that was filtering solids and recycling water. Impressed by the simplicity, King Quarry contacted ALAR. After discussions with ALAR’s knowledgeable engineers and sales managers, King Quarry knew that the Auto-Vac® was the solution to their problem.

City regulations aside, the Auto-Vac® would save over 15,000 gallons of fresh water per 8-hour day—almost 4 million gallons per year! King Quarry also discovered how to utilize the waste solids coming off the Auto-Vac® by recycling them in asphalt and baseball field materials.

King Quarry holds high esteem for the natural surroundings it operates in. They make sure the job gets done in an environmentally friendly way by using the best equipment available.

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