Concrete Sawing & Drilling Assoc. Discussion

The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) recently held a green roundtable at the 2009 World of Concrete on the subject of slurry recycling. This event was focused on water and slurry collection, disposal and recycling with a goal to develop ideas for managing concrete slurry and address industry and environmental concerns.

By having industry professionals discuss various topics on slurry recycling, together with representatives from companies such as ALAR providing their input, the association was able to acquire useful information on how contractors are dealing with this element of their work. These companies are responsible for the production of slurry presses and water pollution control and filtration equipment, and have already assisted CSDA members like Quality Saw and Seal of Illinois to recycle wastewater while providing them with substantial savings on their disposal costs. In addition, some new ideas from manufacturers were discussed that may provide smaller contractor companies with more cost-effective alternatives for recycling their waste material.

It has never been a more appropriate time to help turn concrete in the sawing and drilling industry from gray to green.

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