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Reducing Dairy Waste Water Hauling

Take charge of your dairy waste water hauling.

Then ALAR has the right system to fit your application.

ALAR’s patented filtration works great with Dissolved Air Flotation(DAF) Systems.  Furthermore, it replaces conventional centrifuge, filter press and belt press technologies.  This process generates landfill ready solids that are often used as a compost or spread on fields.

City sewer discharge limits, land application regulations and sludge hauling costs are motivating food and diary companies. In this case, one of the most economical methods is treating and filtering wastewater in-house.

In conclusion, contact ALAR at 708-479-6100.  Talk to one of our sales territory managers about your wastewater problems.

Dairy Waste Water Filtration - Food Processing Wastewater Treatment

Dairy Waste Water Filtration – Food Processing Wastewater Treatment

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Waste Water in the Food Industry

Whether your waste stream is food or beverage in the food industry, ALAR has the right system  to fit your application.

ALAR’s patented filtration works great with Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Systems.  It replaces conventional centrifuge, filter press and belt press technologies.  This filtration generates landfill ready solids that are often used as compost or spread on fields.

The clean filtrate water can be discharged into the city sewer or used for irrigation.  In many cases, ALAR filter technology replaces the DAF altogether. This results in saving capital, labor, and wet tonnage hauling costs.


The ALAR Auto-Vac Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter is the choice for the food industry:

  • 16 Filter Sizes
  • Over 2,000 Installations Worldwide
  • Minimal Operator Attention
  • Rental Units Available – Try B4 You Buy
  • Financing Available

Industries Our Equipment Benefits:

  • Cheese/Milk/Ice Cream
  • Toppings/Icings/Fillings
  • Cakes/Desserts/Bakery
  • Dressings
  • Condiments & Sauces
  • Meat Products
  • Candy/Sweets
  • Wine & Juices
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Slaughterhouses

Waste Water Treatment in the Food Industry



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Filtration Equipment For Concrete Slurry Recycling


Alar Auto-Vac Rotary Vacuum Filter for concrete slurry recycling.

ALAR has been in the waste water treatment business since 1970.  After attending our first World of Concrete Show in 2006, we knew we were at the right trade show, working with the right industry with concrete slurry recycling.

Engineered By ALAR – Built by ALAR

ALAR offers a variety of mechanical and chemical systems that allow customers to make an educated decision.

ALAR’s concrete wash water treatment systems consists three pieces of equipment:

  • Aut0-Vac Rotary Vacuum Filter
  • Lamella Clarifier
  • Micro-Klean Plate-n-Frame Filter Press

Depending on your waste water will determine which piece of equipment will work for you.

The ALAR Auto-Vac filter is the only self-cleaning filter on the market that will not blind or clog when introduced to active concrete water. It is the ideal system to handle concrete slurry recycling. The results are clear colorless water and dry manageable solids.

The Auto-Vac removes cement fines and color from concrete waste.  It reduces disposal costs, increases reclaiming efforts, and replaces homemade recycling methods. ALAR builds sixteen filter drum sizes to dewater washout volumes ranging from a half yard to 100(+) yards.

Alar Lamella Clarifier and Micro-Klean Plate-n-Frame Filter Press

Alar Lamella Clarifier & Micro-Klean Plate-n-Frame Filter Press for concrete slurry recycling.


The ALAR Lamella Clarifier & Micro-Klean Filter Press is an easy to operate system that removes solids from water and produces a clean effluent.

The Lamella Clarifier produces a clear effluent through the separation of liquid settling solids.  The concentrated sludge “sinks” to the bottom of the clarifier and is pumped to a dewatering filter.

The Micro-Klean plate-n-frame filter press is sludge dewatering equipment primarily used in block and brick operations.

ALAR’s time-proven equipment is ideal for:

  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Precast
  • Block
  • Roofing Tile
  • Brick & Stone Veneer
  • Sawing/Grinding/Grooving/Polishing
  • Core Drilling
  • Concrete Pipe
  • Pigment Processing
  • Hydro Demolition
  • …along with many others





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Waste Water Equipment – Solutions That Work

“Got Waste Water” Since 1970, ALAR has been manufacturing industrial waste water treatment equipment for worldwide distribution.

ALAR is a family-owned 2nd generation company, located in Mokena, IL.  Their headquarters holds their sales team, engineering staff and manufacturing facility.

ALAR’s equipment wears the “Made In America” emblem proudly.

The company manufactures a full line of progressive liquid solid waste water separation equipment; often built in conjunction with chemical batch treatment systems.   The sales team provide customers with a thorough understanding of waste water problems and solutions.  We are dedicated to finding the most cost-effective method and educating the customer on all treatment options available, in order for them to make an informed decision.

Equipment effectively reduces: Heavy Metals/Metal Hydroxides, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Industries served: Concrete, Paint, Food and Dairy, Flowback and Produced Water, Flexographic Ink, Septic and Grease, Metal Finishing, Industrial Paint, Hydraulic Fracturing

Alar Wastewater Treatment Fleet


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Filtration and Chemical Separation Equipment

Filtration and Chemical Separation Equipment

ALAR builds time-proven filtration and chemical separation equipment for water-based paint, coatings, and ink producers.  

Hauling away spent paint wash water is costly, and direct discharge into the city sewer without removing the latex contaminants is against the law.   ALAR’s versatile filtration systems are capable of handling a variety of problem wastewaters for a fraction of the cost of liquid hauling.


The ALAR Auto-Vac Effectively Reduces:

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
  • Metals
  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Fat Oil & Grease (FOG)

The ALAR Advantage – Engineered and Built By ALAR

ALAR manufactures a full line of progressive liquid/solid separation equipment and can help with your goals of environmental and economical solutions.

Industries Served:  Flexographic Printing – Paint & Coatings (water based) – Starch (corrugated) – Adhesives/Glue – Powder Coatings – Spray Booths – Dispersions – Stucco/Elastomers/Primer – DAF Sludge – Clarifier Sludge

About ALAR:

ALAR is a second-generation family-owned business. Founded in 1970 in response to heightening industrial and municipal water concerns,  ALAR is committed to design, and employ advanced water pollution control methods and technologies.

ALAR is located outside of Chicago, which houses a sales office, engineering department, chemical lab and manufacturing plant.

Visit ALAR’s website at or contact us at


Filtration and Chemical Separation Equipment

ALAR’s Filtration and Chemical Separation Equipment

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Metal Finishing Solutions

Since 1970, ALAR has helped design, develop and employ wastewater equipment solutions for the Surface Finishing Industry.

ALAR builds time-proven versatile filtration systems that are capable of handling a variety of problem wastes generated in the Metal Finishing Industry such as plating rinse water, anodizing, aerospace processing or cleaners.

ALAR’s equipment effective reduces chrome, cadmium, zinc, heavy metals/metal hydroxides, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Fat, Oil & Grease (FOG), Cleaners, and Deburring/Vibratory Wastewater.  We serve the following industries; Aerospace, Anodizing, Plating, Powder Coating, Surface Finishing, E-Coat, Electroplating, and more…

ALAR will be exhibiting at the SUR/FIN Manufacturing & Technology Conference,  June 8th thru the 10th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL   ALAR’s Mike Stangel will be presenting a case study based upon the successful removal of metal hydroxides and TSS at Modern Plating Corporation located in Freeport, IL.

Let ALAR help you choose the filtration equipment to fit your needs.  Whether you choose the conventional clarifier and filter press or the Auto-Vac and Flex-O-Star filter, ALAR will custom build a system that produces both quality filtrate and dry solids.  ALAR’s technology reduces heavy metals to met EPA’s strict discharge regulations.

Look over ALAR’s webpage on  Metal Finishing Wastewater.

Alar Wastewater Treatment Fleet

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Dewater For Pennies Per Gallon with an ALAR Auto-Vac Sludge Dewatering System

Got Sludge? Then you need the the Alar  Auto-Vac Sludge Dewatering System.  Alar’s patented filtration works great with DAF systems and replaces conventional centrifuges, filter press and belt press technologies.

The Auto-Vac generated landfill ready solids that are often used as compost or spread on fields.  The clean filtrate water can be discharged into the city sewer or in some cases, used for irrigation.

The ALAR Auto-Vac pulls instead of presses the liquid, leaving the solids suspended on the top of the drum. As the drum rotates an advanced knife blade slices the solids off the drum…leaving a clean surface with every rotation.

The Auto-Vac requires approximately 30 minutes to start and 30 minutes to clean.  No breaking of plates or labor is needed.  An operator simply starts the machine and spends the remaining shift work on production for the company. The dry solids come off the Auto-Vac about 2 to 3 times drier than the filter press.  When paying for hauling, this will save dollars in the long run; the wetter the solids-the more the more hauling weight.Auto-Vac Rotary Vacum Drum Precoat Filter


With over 2,000 installations worldwide, ALAR is confident that the Auto-Vac will exceed your expectations.  ALAR manufacturers 16 filter sizes that can handle low or high volumes.

Industries Served:  Commercial Bakeries – Snack Food – Dairy – Meat Packaging – Slaughter Houses – Candy – Wineries – Fisheries – Beer



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ALAR Water Recycling Systems

ALAR Auto-Vac C-Series Filter

ALAR Auto-Vac C-Series Filter

ALAR Water Recycling Systems will be at the World of Concrete Show this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.   ALAR’s Booth No. N253 will have a working model of the Auto-Vac on display.

The photo in this post is the Auto-Vac C Series Water Recycling/Cement Dewatering Filter.  It is a self-cleaning filter that dewaters cement fines and yields nearly ASTM C-94 grade batch water.  Processed water can be recycled back into the batch without influencing set times and finishing.  It has redefined wastewater filtration in the concrete industry.  It is the only water recycling system that is  self-cleaning filter (non-clogging) on the market that filters cement fines and pigment color out of concrete process (gray water); yielding clear recyclable water and dry manageable solids.

The Auto-Vac is the mechanical alternative to conventional weir systems and dredging operations used by precast and ready mix producers dealing with high return rates, color, and high strength concrete.

Excellent for Concrete Operations Including but Not Limited To:

  • Ready Mixed
  • Precast
  • Color/Iron Oxide Pigments
  • Sawing/Grinding/Grooving/Polishing/Drilling
  • Roofing & Concrete Tile

This photo was taken at Spragues’ Ready Mix plant in California.  Read their case study on ALAR’s website.

If you are attending the World of Concrete in Las Vegas this week, please be sure to stop by our booth for more detailed information.

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Non-Potable Water For The Concrete Industry

ALAR AutoVac (2)

From the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association:  The CA Division of State Architect has drafted a regulation to provide instructions on the use of non-potable water sources for use as mixing water in concrete.  It permits the use of non-potable water that has been qualified within guidelines of ASTM C1602.

The Alar Auto-Vac C-Series Filter has redefined wastewater filtration in the concrete industry.

The filter uses vacuum technology. A rotating drum is pre-coated with a filter media called diatomaceous earth (DE).

After the pre-coat is complete, cement fines are pumped into the pan where the drum is rotating, the vacuum

pulls the clean water through the drum and traps solids larger than 1/2 micron on the DE surface.

After the surface of the drum is blinded, a variable speed blade advances and removes the solids from the drum surface

leaving a clean layer of filter media.  The clean water is pumped to a non-potable water tank for reuse.

Concrete Operations Include but Not Limited To:

Ready Mixed – Precast  –  Color/Iron Oxide Pigments  –  Sawing/Grinding/Grooving/Polishing/Drilling  –  Roofing & Concrete Tile

The Auto-Vac comes in 16 sizes to accommodate virtually any volume.


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Why Treat Wastewater?

Wastewater, also written as waste water, is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by human influence.

Industrial wastewater treatment covers the workings and process used to treat water that has been contaminated in some way by industrial activities prior to its release into the environment or its reuse.

Most industries produce some wastewater although recent trends in the populated world have been to minimize such production or recycle such wastewater within the production.  However, many industries remain prone to processes that produce wastewater and have a need to obtain very high quality water for demanding purposes.

There are several different types of wastewater treatment equipment available; two most known are the rotary vacuum filter and the plate and frame filter press.

Alar builds the Auto-Vac Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter and the Micro-Klean Plate and Frame Filter Press as well as the Flex-O-Star Solid Liquid Separation System and our Slurry-Klean Automatic Plate-n-Frame Filter Press.Alar Wastewater Treatment Fleet

The Alar systems work remarkably well in many industries; Concrete, Flexographic Printing, Food & Dairy, Grease & Septic, Metal Finishing, Paint & Coatings, Oil Rig Drilling Mud, Flowback and Produced Water as well as many other industries.

Wastewater treatment applications include but not limited to: Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Metals, Fat Oil & Grease (FOG), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), pH (potential Hydrogen).

Contact an Alar Sales Rep to find out which treatment and filter is best suited for your industrial wastewater application.


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