Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter

Auto-Vac Precoat Filter Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter
The ALAR Auto-Vac® is a rotary vacuum drum precoat filter that effectively removes solid particles from the sludge, producing dewatered dry waste. Typically, this waste is disposed of at a local landfill without further drying. The Auto-Vac® is self-cleaning with every revolution, which prevents blinding or clogging, and provides rapid filtration and extremely high filtrate clarity.
Ideal For:

Easy Installation:

The ALAR Auto-Vac® filtering system is skid mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation. It is offered both with semi-automatic and automatic modes of operation. This design works with virtually any industrial waste.

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The Auto-Vac® Features:

  • 16 Filter Sizes
  • Reduced Hauling Costs
  • Easy Operation
  • Absolute Microfiltration
  • Quality Water & Dry Solids
  • Environmental & Economical Solutions
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