Auto-Vac® Reduces Dairy Waste Hauling Costs

Alpenrose Dairy & ALAR Dewatering

Alpenrose Dairy generates up to 60,000 gallons of wastewater per day. The wastewater is equalized for pH and then separated using a DAF unit (dissolved air flotation). The biological wastewater goes to a SBR (sequential batch reactor), and the non-organic portion from the DAF unit is transferred to a holding tank. The SBR ferments organisms that produce dead bio-bugs, and the DAF generates a “float” of suspended solids.

The combined systems create up to 5,000 gallons of sludge per day. Though pleased with the performance of the SBR and DAF, Alpenrose faced future regulations and current high hauling costs for liquid waste disposal.

The project was turned over to Eric Trummel, who put ALAR to the test. Eric also looked into belt press and centrifuge technologies. Eric field-tested the plate-n-frame and discovered that the thick sludge plugged the plates and the end results were unacceptable. The filter press, even at no capital cost to Alpenrose, was ruled out.

ALAR’s bench simulation was successful, and Alpenrose make arrangements for an on-site pilot test. An ALAR rental unit was shipped to Alpenrose and, after several slipstream tests, generated quality filtrate and dry solids. Eric knew, within five minutes of the ALAR rental start-up, that the Auto-Vac® “performed as promised”

ALAR designed and built an Auto-Vac® AV640 for Alpenrose. The ALAR unit arrived pre-piped, pre-wired and skid-mounted for easy installation, and it delivered results.

ALAR advertises that the Auto-Vac® reduces costs; Alpenrose saved $72,000 in the first year, proving there is…“Truth in Advertising”

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